Prix St Georges Level Dressage

Prix St Georges is the beginning of the international levels of dressage. This level is governed by the FEI (Federation Equestre Internationale. A horse competing at this level must be a minimum of 7 years of age. At this level, it is expected that the horse and rider will have successfully exhibited all the required movements at the lower levels. Prix St Georges continues pirouette and flying change work. Furthermore, rider’s are expected to show distinct differences within the gaits from collection to extension.

Horse and rider pairs are judged similarly to the lower levels in that the judge looks for the correct execution of the required movements, as well as, the willingness of the horse and effectiveness of the rider’s aids. The Musical Freestyle is also performed at this level. As with the lower level tests, this level includes walk, trot and canter work, multiple flying lead changes and half pirouettes. Prix St Georges level test video clips are shown below to illustrate the required movements and musical freestyle at this level.

Required movements for Prix St Georges level dressage include:

Trot Medium, Extended & CollectedHalf PassShoulder In
Walk – Extended and Collected, 1/2 Pirouette
Canter – Medium, Extended & Collected, Counter Canter, Half Pass & Multiple Flying Lead Changes Every 3-4 Strides
Volte – 8m in trot
Halts – collected canter to halt – immobility

Prix St Georges Level Dressage Video Clips & Tests

(Based on the FEI Dressage Test – updated 1/1/18)

Video Clips
Prix St. Georges Level Test

Prix St Georges Level Dressage – Clip 1 

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Prix St Georges Level Dressage – Clip 2

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Prix St Georges Level Dressage – Musical Freestyle

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A – Enter in collected canter
X – Halt – immobility – salute
Proceed in collected trot
XC – Collected trot
C – Track to the right
MXK – Medium trot
K – Collected trot
KAF – Collected trot
FB – Shoulder-in left
B – Volte left (8 m Ø)
BG – Half-pass to the left (x2 coefficient)
G – On Centre Line
C – Track to the left
HXF – Extended trot
F – Collected trot
FAK – Transitions at H and F
The collected trot
KE – Shoulder-in right
E – Volte to the right (8 m Ø)
EG – Half-pass to the right (x2 coefficient)
G – On centre line
Before C – [Collected walk]
C – [Track to the left]
H – [Turn left]
Between G&M – Half pirouette to the left
Between G&H- Half pirouette to the right
GM – [Collected walk]
13 The collected walk C-H-G-(M)-G-(H)-G-M
(x2 coefficient)
MRXV(K) – Extended walk (x2 coefficient)
Before K – Collected Walk
K – Proceed in collected canter left
KAF – Collected canter
FX – Half-pass to the left
X – Flying change of leg
XM – Half-pass to the right
M – Flying change of leg
MCH – Collected canter
H – Proceed toward X in collected canter
Between H&X – Half pirouette to the left
(x2 coefficient)
HC – Counter canter
C – Flying change of leg
M – Proceed towards X in collected canter
Between X&M – Half pirouette to the right
(x2 coefficient)
MC – Counter canter
C – Flying change of leg
HXF – On the diagonal 5 flying changes of leg every 4th stride
FAK – Collected canter
KXM – On the diagonal 5 flying changes of leg every 3rd stride
MCH – Collected canter
HXF – Extended canter
F – Collected canter and flying change of leg
FA – Collected canter
A – Down centre line
X – Halt – immobility – salute

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