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My boy is a purebred arabian gelding.  He is 13, and I have had him for about one year.  He is an accomplished show horse with a focus on Hunter at Arab breed shows.  He was trained without leg cues, primarily voice commands, and has always warn a martingale.  My passion is Dressage.  I have spent a lot of time getting to know him, and having him get used to my using my leg.  He’s doing much better with the leg.  Before, he would always canter whenever I used any leg, and that his improved.
I live in a very rural area of Central WI, so do not have access to regular lessons or training so I opted to try virtual lessons!  I am very excited to see the results!
He was not being particularly well behaved during these videos but I thought it was very real.

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Thank you again for allowing me to assist you
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Dressage Pyramid of Training – on Dressage Academy at

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USEF Training Level Test 1: on Dressage Academy at

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