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In The Moves - Trot - Walk - Trot Transition


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Trot - Walk - Trot Transition Defined

The horse begins in working trot on the 20 meter circle. At a given point the horse is asked to walk for one horse length. Then he is asked to trot on.

How to Execute the Trot - Walk - Trot Transition

Start in the a nice forward moving trot on the 20 meter circle.

Move to sitting trot for a few strides to prepare the horse for the walk transition.

Ask for the walk for one horse length.

Apply the leg and ask for the trot.


Circling at one end of the arena gives a good visual for when and how long to perform the walk.

Purpose of theTrot - Walk - Trot Transition

To ensure that the horse is in front of the leg.
To strengthen & develop the horse's hindquarters.
To make the horse responsive to the rider's aids.

Common Errors in Execution

The horse loses rhythm in the trot.
The horse does not fully come back to the walk.
The horse is not in front of the leg when asked to trot.
The horse's walk is not forward "marching."
The horse does not maintain a consistent contact in the transitions or during the walk.
The rider does not go to the sitting trot before asking for the walk.