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The Shoulder In

Shoulder In Defined
The horse is evenly bent around the rider's inside leg and travels at a 30 degree angle to the track. The hind feet remain on the track and step straight ahead for the most part. The horse's outside should should be in line with its inside hip (i.e. - three track).

How to Execute the Shoulder In

The initial volte can be removed from this exercise when the horse shows adequate strength and understanding to proceed effectively without tension or confusion. The shoulder in is not a movement that can just be started. The horse must have adequate preparation in order to perform this movement correctly. Prior to working on shoulder in, it is necessary to confirm that the horse has relaxation, suppleness, rhythm and connection. He must also understand moving away from the leg as in the leg yield. Proper preparation will ensure success in performing this movement.

Purpose of the Shoulder In

The shoulder in is the beginning of collection, straightening and hind leg activity. It is fundamental in training because it assists in the development of impulsion and the horse's ability to be truly "through."

Common Errors in Execution